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Order not delivered, provider doesn't answer, nor return money


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So, I am having troubles with my website system, which user named “*********” said he can fix it.
I ordered custom service and paid two times, because i didn’t had enough money in my balance.
He started doing it 10.8.2015 and every 14 days said he will need more time.
Eventualy he didn’t deliver the solution, orders were marked as completed and I could only contact fiverr support, but no solution.

It looks like this user is having automatic answers, because few of them were exactly the same.

What can i do?

The problem with my page still exist, provider (""*********"") is not answering, at least he could return money.
I don’t have much expreriance with fiverr, but with those that I am having, i feel great disappointment.

Thank you for your answers,

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