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GIG more than $5 not in Graphic Design Category


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Hey everyone,

We are relatively new on Fiverr, in fact we just created our profile 3 weeks back. Although orders has started rolling in and we are happy with it.

But as being a small Graphic Designing agency, we charge affordable rates to Online Merchants or Vendors. Our basic GIG often starts from $25 and we have already mentioned that in our profile but after looking into “Programming & Tech” category, we were able to find out that Sellers can even mark their basic GIG for more than $5.

We were moved to see that this feature is not available for us or even in whole Graphic Designing Category. We are not really sure that is this feature only available to certain categories or it has something to do with Fiverr Levels? We are moving fast and hopefully we will be Level 1 seller by end of this month.

eMerchant Team

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I think that is a recent feature in the past few months. They started rolling it out. But it may not be available to all sellers. Take a closer look at the sellers who have gigs starting at higher than $5 to see what Level Seller they are or how many orders they have completed. I think they probably rolled it out to sellers that have been selling for awhile or higher level sellers.

For now you do have to offer something for $5 and then create a package of extras to be added onto it, to get the equivalent of regular prices you charge vendors outside on your own. You do know Fiverr takes a 20% cut, right?

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Don’t offer unlimited revisions, you don’t have unlimited time. Offer a logo with one free revision, or better yet, charge $5 for every revision. When you make people put money on the table, you make them value your work and your time.

Besides, even if they don’t love your logo 100%, they can hire another logo designer and give them your idea. This is fine as long as you get paid.

In fact, I think you’re setting expectations too high:

"I will design Outstanding Logo Design with Unlimited Revisions for $5 "

It’s also bad English, proper English would be this:

"I will do Outstanding Logo Design with Unlimited Revisions for $5 "

Or use this gig title:

“I will design a professional LOGO in 4 days with 1 free revision for $5”

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