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Ok, you have some sales maybe many sales per day… But you notice that even if you have sales you don’t have older customers buying your services… You may check someone’s gig that is a competitor of you and see in their reviews older customers you had…

It is very important to have repeated customers because a big percent of your income in times that your sales are low come from them… Also, repeated customers that found your services outstanding usually give tips or pay more money for your services…

Ok,we all understand why repeated customers are important… But what should a seller do to make a buyer “love” him and come back again and again?
1)When the buyer contacts to you make sure you say your name and greet him really polite… I remember I bought a service here and I asked something and when the seller replied I go an “ok” answer… I use different customer now…
2)“Think as a customer” . That is what my brother learned me to do… You have to offer the services you would want if you were a customer.
3)Reply fast and don’t let him wait for too long… You should have fiverr’s mobile application so you would stay in touch whenever you can… But be careful in that,when you go to sleep put your phone on mute 😛
4)When the buyer buys from you , you don’t have to deliver in the last hour… No… I as a buyer don’t like it… As a seller I recommend you to deliver the fastest you can… Maybe an hour… Maybe two… But do not in purpose leave the orders for the last minutes… I have seen I gain some tips when I deliver faster than the deadline…
5)When you deliver add a polite text and say thank you to the buyer… Thank you is a great word… Use it 🙂
6)Recommend some more services to your buyer.

Hope I helped… Leave below comments to let me know for subjects you would like me to write about + let me know if you like my post 🙂


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