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How to get a satisfy service from Fiverr


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Hi everyone,

I have been a seller on Fiverr since 6 months. I noticed some buyers didn’t communicate correctly and Some are not in good knowledge about Fiverr.
This article contains some tips for buyers to get satisfy service from Fiverr.

  1. Read Gig description carefully. Then you can get the main idea about that gig. If you satisfy that you can order gig.

  2. If you have any doubt about that, send a message to the seller and feel free to ask anything about that.

  3. When you are asking that don’t ask to make direct payment. It is against Fiverr’s Terms Of Service. Sellers can’t accept that. So don’t waste your time.

  4. When you order Gig, submit all correct, useful data to the seller.

  5. After order Gig, your duty is not finished. You must always touch with the seller. It means you must always communicate with the seller. That is the main thing about this process. (Friendly Communication)

  6. We communicate with messages. There is not good chat system. So sometimes some messages missed. Remember to refresh the Order page and message page.

  7. After you receive your delivered work, check that. If you need to modify that, Send a modification request. After check, Please put a good review for the seller. (5 Star Review is the main important thing for sellers. One star can change sellers life in Fiverr.)

I hope you are understanding this… These are basic things. If you have any other tips, share it with me and other Fiverr Buyers.

Thank You…

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Bad buyers won’t read this post, you know.

If a bad buyer willfully buys and ignores you, then deliver whatever your offer is at the price point. Customer Support should back you up if a) you deliver according to your offer b) you can prove you made every effort to contact the buyer and c) the buyer went AWOL.

To potential bad buyers: just answer any messages from your seller–they will be highly pertinent to your order and expedite better service and delivery. If you don’t, and you hate your order, why should anyone give you sympathy? You’re an awful customer who only gets vocal after the fact.

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