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Questions for Ghostwriters and Ghosteditors


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Hello all,
I have a few questions that I really need your opinion on. So I’ve been a freelance writer since May and my reputation skyrocketed pretty quickly. I am a ghostwriter on another freelance site as well. I have a question about a client which I will say has been a continuous client and English is not his first language. I’ve written several stories for him (around 10 I believe) and he received negative feedback on 2 of them for editing issues which I humbly apologized for and tried my best to edit them. Here are my concerns though; I edit as I’m writing and I do a major edit when I complete the entire assignment and give it to him for review and he absolutely loves them each and every time and marks the order as complete, rates me 5 stars. and pays for it. I believe that I am a good writer and a good editor, but do you believe that it is hard to edit your own work until it’s perfect since you wrote it and know what it’s supposed to say?
Would it be fair for me to hire a ghost editor to edit my work so that they can catch my mistakes before I submit it to my client?
Wouldn’t I be breaking the rule as a ghostwriter if I show somebody the work that I’m doing that technically does not belong to me?
He is the only client this has happened with because the rest of my clients are Native English speakers and if they see something wrong they’ll tell me. He told me if it happens again he won’t be able to hire me again and honestly I think that’s for the best. I’m not going to always see mistakes that I make and it’s very difficult when the person that I’m writing for doesn’t see them either. I’m already working on 3 stories for him and I think it’ll be better to cancel them because even though I work to please my clients and to help them in the publishing world, I need them to also be able to help me better myself as a writer as well. Is it wrong for me to think this? I just hate feeling bad all the time when he receives a bad review and then he tells me what it says (which is heart wrenching, but helpful). I’m just lost and don’t know what to think. Your opinions are helpful and thanks for reading my post.

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