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Develope a way to PROVE someone is from where they say they are


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I used to like Fiverr (I’ve had a few different accounts over the last few years), but lately there are so many scammers and people claiming they’re from some place that they are not. Many of them claim they are from the USA (when they are absolutely not). I’ve had a number of bad experiences with this account and it’s been frustrating dealing with people that are only out to rip you off or are completely dishonest. I’m not saying everyone is bad, there are some amazing Sellers on here, but they are getting vastly outnumbered by the cons. I would like to see added security, IP checks, proof of residence. Just anything to keep the dishonest people, honest.

I don’t know how or what Fiverr can do specifically to remedy this, but it would be greatly appreciated.

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