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Thank you so much for your tip! I been here in Fiverr for 3 months, and I’m very glad with my buyers. But I’m always want to improve, and get better and better. I am collecting every tip I can apply myself. And yours help me too much! So thanks again! ^^

Sorry, my english is not perfect 🙂

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Guest tusharambaliya


We are web developers and we have few local clients who wants SEO work.

We check your review and it is excellent.

Thanks for sharing your experience.It is very helpful and we learn that we should never give up!!

So we want to place order of SEO work for our local clients.

Which information do you require for our website SEO work?

Iconicseo support team

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1)Make sure you are online all day long.

The only reason to be online all day long is if you’re able to respond to messages and deliver work all day long. If you’re online all day long but you’re not able to respond to messages or deliver work in a timely manner, then your buyers will think that you’re ignoring them and will get frustrated that you’re not, in fact, available to work. I’m only online when I’m working, and I typically deliver work once per day. Most of my clients have to wait a few hours for an email response, and most also have to wait ~18 hours for delivery of their work. Taking a bit longer time to handle my work hasn’t hurt me a bit, but I know from experience that buyers get very upset when they think they’re going to get a response or their order very quickly and I fail to live up to their expectations.

2)Make sure you visit fiverr a couple times a day.

Why? What good does it do to visit the website a few times every day? Turn on email notifications, and then you’ll only have to get on the Fiverr website when you know there’s something that requires your attention. Loading the Fiverr website for the sake of loading the Fiverr website is useless.

3)Get an attractive photo of what you sell for your gig.

Definitely. People buy with their eyes, just make sure that the photograph is in fact you and your work. So many sellers use pictures of Hollywood celebrities or stock photos skimmed from the Internet, and this is such a terrible mistake.

4)Do changes in keywords until you start selling. If your sales drop change them again and again.

I agree that keywords should be adjusted until you find what works, but to find out what works you don’t have to play guessing games. Just look at the top 20 highest-ranked sellers in your category and make a list of the keywords they’re using. Then, work those same keywords into your gig’s title, description, and meta-tags. Boom That was easy.

5)Keep a track on your competitors and try to be better than them.

This is utterly pointless. Competing with other sellers on Fiverr is an exercise in futility because you’re basing your marketing and sales strategy on what another person is doing, and not on what you’re doing. If you understand and properly communicate the value of your product or service, then price doesn’t matter and you can thrive no matter what anybody else is doing.

6)Have a profile picture of you. When I inserted mine I saw an “explosion” in my sales.

Yes, definitely: buyers are more likely to trust a seller when they know the seller’s face. After all, you’re not selling spaghetti or tomatoes - you’re selling a buyer-seller relationship, and a face goes a long way toward making the sale. As before, though, just make sure that this is really you because if you use a picture of a Hollywood celebrity or some stock photo skimmed off the Internet, sooner or later you will get caught.

7)Keep a track in Fiverr’s forum. It is always so helpful!

Based on my own experience, the Fiverr forum does little to nothing in way of boosting sales. I’ve made a handful of sales from people who found me via the forum, but the vast majority of Fiverr users never visit or use the forum, and of the very small number who do, they’re mostly sellers who aren’t looking to buy anything. But, if you’re willing to sift through the rubbish, there are some gems of advice to be found.

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