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5 tips for beginners on how to increase sales? Try any 3 and see the results


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Tip #1 Keep price low in start in your gigs. Just use the search bar and see how many other sellers have same gigs like you. Think why would a buyer buy from you if you are a new seller with no rating, and your price is also high. You must have to make a difference from others to get sales in start.

Tip #2 Install mobile app of Fiverr and always check for new buyer request. Respond as soon as possible. Don’t make your offer like a bot just sending offers. I my self used buyer request for buying, out of 30 offers only 3, 4 sellers seemed interested in the work. The remaining offers were like generated by automatic system. Even some sellers with Level 2 badge made such offers. Always make your offer as much dynamic as possible. I don’t make many offers. But when I do, I get response for 50% of the offers. I give the buyer many choices. For example: If buyer want to make a logo. I offer him price for logo plus tell him that if you want to make business card matching with logo or letter head I will do it at discounted rate. I can also make social media posts template. All these extra offers depends on the business type of buyer (which most of the buyers explain in their buyer request). I give the buyer different packages with discounts.

Lets do an experiment:

Buyer Request: Hello, I need a decent logo for my startup, we are social media marketing agency. Budget $10. 3 Days.


a) I will make your logo for $10 in 3 days.

b) Hi, how are you? I will make logo for your company in 3 days. As you are a social media marketing agency you would also need social media posts template. Cover photos for different accounts. I can provide you a package of all these. I will make 1 logo, 1 social media posts template, customized cover photo for 5 social media accounts with multiple revisions for $50 in 6 days. How ever if you only need logo, I will make it for $10 in 3 days.

Now you can judge by yourself which offer will get response. Even if the buyer select a seller who offers to make his logo for $5. The offer ‘b’ still have great chances to be contacted for further work as social media marketers require what is explained in offer ‘b’.

These two tips were about how to get a buyer to place order. If you get order then follow the remaining important tips

Tip #3 Provide quality work
Tip #4 Provide quality work
Tip #5 Provide quality work 🙂

You are done. Now just repeat these 5 tips again and again till you receive notification from Fiverr congratulating you about becoming a Top Rated Seller.

It’s my 2nd month in freelancing on Fiverr. You can ask questions in the comments section. I (and hope other experienced sellers will also) reply to your questions.

(Waiting for Fiverr forum notification feature, I am missing it)

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i should also add that coutommer service is highly important between buysers and sellers and constant communication too. the clearer your idea for what the buyer wants, the higher success you will have upon delivery of the order. some people think is make a request nd throw a gig purchase out there and wait for order delivery, a lot of the time, with personalized products communication is key to buyer and seller success.

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