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What is the best way to cash money form fiverr for Bangladeshi?


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I’m told PayPal is available in Bangladesh.
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PayPal is Now in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Freelancer and Blogger and web site owners were facing a big problem while working on the net and that is they dont have their own verified...

Of course, to transfrer from PP to your bank, you’ll need your checking and routing number, you should also find out if such transactions can be done.

A lot of people from your part of the world use Payoneer. But that only transfers the money to a debit card, and there are several fees. I prefer to have my money in the bank. That way I can earn rewards with a credit card and then pay the credit card. Payoneer doesn’t give you rewards.

I tried bank transfers twice, it worked, but it took too long in my opinion. PayPal is faster. Of course, PP does generate four e-mails which can be annoying, but that’s OK, you just delete them.

P.S. Don’t withdraw small amounts of money. Make sure you’re withdrawing at least $100 if you really need the money, if not, let it grow to $250, $500, etc. Because whatever you do, there’s like a $1 fee. So if you withdraw $100, you keep $99. That’s an acceptable loss. Withdrawing $4 to get $3 isn’t acceptable in my book.

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