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Buyer should care what before place an order?


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With respect of all buyer , I just wanna said what should care as a buyer before placing an order?.
Buyer will first send a text to the seller and mandatory task should be know about seller,
then seller will respond to the buyer . then buyer will know what would be needed to the seller to get started work. sometime this happened that buyer place an order but to work starting materials are not available and even the buyer doesn’t respond to the sellers .
This is really not good for a seller cause if the buyer doesn’t respond within time then the seller will be compelled to cancel the order but this cancellation be the negative impression to the seller account.
Here buyer wants task should be done within time, and seller wants to serve the task have be done within time .
seller and buyers have a conjugate helping relation so both side of we should careful about our task.
every body should care about no harms to other not at all.
Thanks to all and am a new seller my previous account was blocked due to complain of buyers order cancellation what’s make me sad , now I start again, hope all will helps me and my service is
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