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Found a seller - ordered - payed via PayPal - nothing happens (?)


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I think you need to explain further - you say that you ordered and paid via PayPal - did you order ON Fiverr and pay through Fiverr OR did you pay this person directly through PayPal? I am a bit confused if you may have been taken off site to pay the guy directly and this is why your order is not showing for you - if you did order ON Fiverr and paid through Fiverr, then you do need to contact support and let them know what is going on. If you ordered outside of Fiverr directly to this guys PayPal account, then he should be in hot water and tossed off the site for leading you off site and should be reported. The thing is, if you did order directly off site from this seller, there is little Fiverr can do to get this order to you or your money back. If you ordered directly from this guy instead of on Fiverr - you can file a dispute with PayPal if you do not receive your goods. Go to the Disputes tab in your PayPal account.


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