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Donate below and earn a badge(for how long)


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Today I saw an option that Every $5 you donate enters you into a raffle
for a FitBit Charge HR, and donating at least $20 gets you a free breast cancer awareness
month t-shirt from Fiverr.

I also want to donate . I would love to donate. If I donate then I can easily earned a badge. But my question is, for this badge how much I have to donate and for how long this badge show in my profile.

Is it for only October or forever.

I need to know, please let me know Any of ADMIN or MODERATOR


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I believe the minimum donation earns the badge and that’s probably $5. I donated $20 and I have the badge, but I didn’t see anything on the page about it. Another thing that I see on the page is a slider that seems to go from a plain heart badge to a heart/wings and another. I’m thinking $5 is the plain heart, but that’s a guess. Anyone else know?

As to the timing, I’m sorry, but I don’t know. I am not even sure Fiverr staff thought about an end date. The contest for the FitBit ends October 31 so I’m sure the badge stays that long at least. If I get more info, I will post it.

For anyone who wants to see:

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