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Sellers who need to deliver physical gigs require a full name and shipping address. You would not believe how many buyers do not read the instructions before ordering and don’t give you their shipping details. Subsequently, we end up creating the gig with nowhere to send it - sometimes emailing the buyer can take more than a week by which time the gig sell-by date goes out and you get all these ridiculous late messages through no fault of your own.

By installing a simple name and address form (switchable by the seller) before taking the order, this issue could be alleviated. These forms need to be mandatory so that ALL required information is given (not JUST name & address)

I can’t understand how it isn’t there - how would amazon get by without one ?!? /rant

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This is an old post that deserves a bump!

I agree, as a merchant that ships a ton of buttons, it’s essential for me to have the information formatted correctly. I spend a great deal of time contacting people for their actual names too. USPS has refused many shipments because I had nothing for their name, or only their username.

A standard form that formats their address would be great with all required fields.

Since we’re discussing shipping, I’d like to hear from others about their shipping methods. How do you ensure you are covering your costs? Do you cover your packing materials? Gig extras cost more to ship, how are you dealing with that? International shipping, holy crap that’s expensive! I cannot tell you how many times I have taken a loss on international shipping.

And a thought that I can only hope Fiverr Admins will appreciate; To ensure our shipping costs are kept as low as possible for the buyers, consider not collecting a fee from these/ Instead, monitor the abuse of shipping (i.e., someone is charging astronomical fees to avoid paying the 20% cut).

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