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About the new Base Price feature


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It’s always a pleasure seeing the great work made by the Fiverr guys.

I would like to let them know that the new and “beta” feature Base Price is just very appreciated by me and probably by many other serious professionals here on Fiverr…

I’m glad that Fiverr is going a bit far from the 5$ standard price because this opens new opportunities to all of us.

I would be more than happy to see this feature on more categories but especially on “Producers & Composers” (under “Music & Audio”) because making music requires a lot of time and effort (obviously I’m talking about making “quality music”… 😉 )


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Hey I agree on that 🙂 That can save a lot of time and avoid useless explanation, why you can’t give everything at 5$.

I’d appreciate if it was added to illustrations and cartoons, but I am afraid that might completely change fiverr’ policy and orientation. Unless they themselves are opting for that.

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