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Dashboard "To Do List" Bug FIX! (Wrong usernames)


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Okay most of you are experiencing wrong names in your DASHBOARD TO DO list.

Here is a QUICK FIX in case it bothers you that much like it does me.


Go to your order “Green Button” (Deliver Now) and then go to


Resolution Center, then select “other or whatever” and type in TESTING or whatever to CANCEL the order. YES you must CANCEL the order but DO NOT WORRY you can un-cancel it just follow these steps completely.


Hit the “Red Button” Request Cancellation

Now go BACK to the order page where the order number is listed, you should see this at the top as a white banner: ) Cancellation Requested Order will be cancelled in 2 days
unless buyer declines )

Then click on the (Abort Cancellation) “red button” towards the right side of that banner.

Refresh your “Dashboard” “To Do” list page and you should see the correct names now.

Send me a message telling me how wonderful and amazing and handsome I am, and send me a tip if you want for a cup of coffee to stay awake for all the long hours I’m on fiverr…


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Given the structure of the eCommerce site of Fiverr, through negative deduction, I assumed the database is broken up into pieces so that if something goes wrong it doesn’t break up the whole website, that being said I kind of guessed the processes of doing things would be separated with unique ID’s values or whatever in the database based on the moment the individual signed up and started the tree branched processes of the creating that individuals path around the website on the different areas of the database.

So when one was messed up, you just active another piece of the website where it might interact backwards in the path, thus copying over the correct ID from one part of the website database to the other in order to reference the original set into place at an earlier date. I learned this from studying how databases on websites work. I gave it a shot and I was correct.

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