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I want to create a gig and to design banner ads, since I’m good at it. I will also want to provide the PSD file.
I have a question: on a site like 99designs, you need to outline the font when you deliver the file. The question is, do I need to convert the font into a shape when I provide the PSD file or should I leave it like it is?
I’m still new to these things and it’s a little bit confusing.
Thank you!

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Personally, I’d send a version outlined and a version with the font (that’s what I do) so the Buyer has a choice of which one to use. Reason is that some fonts are paid fonts or only come bundled with the extended edition of (Photoshop, Illustrator …? ) so the buyer might not have that font, and that would make it a problem. If you outline it, that isn’t a problem, as it’s a solid shape.

Hope that helped.

  • Mike
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