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Is it possible for a buyer to revert negative comment in a cancelled request?


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Hello every one, I need your help on this. One of my order was being cancelled by the buyer as I was late to deliver the product. He left a single star negative feedback which says seller failed to deliver the product on time.
Later when I explained my issue of late delivery to the buyer he agrees to revert back the negative comment. I agreed to deliver him the product free in return.
Well Now I just realized that I do not even have any idea if this is possible or not? and I have already done multiple revisions of the product.
please help me on this…What can I do to remove the negative feedback from my profile?Is it possible for the buyer to revert the negative comment because of cancelled order?
please help!!!

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Normally the buyer has a limited time when a review can be edited but the review you got is an automatic review added when a buyer cancels a late order.
From what i understand cs can remove the review when both parties consent to the removal.
So just take a screenshot of the message where the buyer agrees to remove the review and open a support ticket with cs.

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