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Your gig descriptions are extremely inconsistent, and that will give away the impression that the gig description was simply copied/pasted from other sellers. I apologize if I am wrong, but you need to edit your description. How many years of experience do you actually have? One gig says 8, the other says 4, one says 5.
People will notice those inconsistencies, and that drives away the buyers.

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one thing I will say for sure is that you should remove your writing gig since
I get the feeling you are not really capable of writing decent review in English.
Also when you want to ask for help it would be a good idea to state HOW you want help and in WHAT area. Simply saying “help me” comes across as begging and unprofessional, even though English might not be your first language.
BTW, do not send another message to my inbox.
Trying reading this. Not just read, but apply them.

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Before you post "How can I get sales? Please help!" Try reading this first. It...

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