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Why buyers are so blissfully careless!


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After having a one whole day discussion for a specific gig, a buyer confirmed that they were interested in placing the orders. There were number of orders and wanted to try with one before placing all the orders. All the timeline and price quotes were clearly advised during the discussion. A link for the correct gig was also provided so that there is no mistake in placing the order.

After all the efforts, this buyer ends up placing the order on a wrong gig for almost 1/6th of the quoted price. When I asked them to correctly chose the gig and make it the right price by choosing gig extra, he/she insisted on canceling the order. How stupid one can be that they can not differentiate between WORD and EXCEL gigs!!!

Even then i politely requested that it affects my overall ratings and analytics, and i will deliver the work worth the price paid, it didn’t work out.

It was completely his/her mistake, and i feel so annoyed that seller in such cases feels helpless!

I had written to customer care asking them to resolve the issue without affecting my analytics, but they canceled the order which has taken my cancellation percentage 50% higher from what it was.

I have had 2-3 order cancellations in past, which were also the result of ignorant / careless buyers. After those cases it took me numerous orders to being it back to the normal level and again one stupidity of a person has brought it all down!

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