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My observations are from the perspective of a marketer successful with local businesses that I offer more traffic to websites through many online activities.

  1. Add information in your profile that describes your passion for accounts and bookkeeping. Paint a mental picture for the buyer that makes them believe that their bottom line will be improved from your expertise. Some is written in your gig description but there needs to be something in your profile description. Us as many words as Fiverr allows. No content shows no initiative.
  2. While your picture makes you look like a good businessman, it makes me feel that you might be bored. I know that not having work will make it actually boring. Might I suggest a picture with you holding several pages of ledger accounts or a screenshot of Quickbook options. Show energy !
  3. Laser focus your gigs. Possibly redefine your expertise as an accounting consultant. Offer to review current accounting practice and provide advice on how to improve account integration or P & L reporting. The conversation goes like this :

    You: The accounting system needs to be upgraded to include current reporting laws because of points X, Y, Z.

    Client: Thank you for the advice but where do I get this work done?

    You: That is a recurring activity that I can provide assistance and advice to you month to month. My consulting costs are $____ each month and it will provide you a ROI of ___ %

    GotFaith recurring income is a good thing right ?
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