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Reviewes negative but not my mistake

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I have a request for $5, he needed me to do a label packaging for him, yet it was my introductory days on fiverr so i got prepared in exceptionally modest rate, I did it genuinely, as a matter of first importance the customer was late in answering, he used to answer me generally late for each question, even he took 5 days for a few inquiries, he never needed to pay for changes, I was not stressed, I continue doing it cheerfully, finally he requested a major modifcation I approached him to pay more $5 for that, he never answered after that, following 6 days of no answer i send him the last modified image again, and that day he explored a negative remark, it was not my slip-up, I worked a considerable measure for his work.

I work very hard, i swear, and it was creative also.
What to do, Very tremendously tensed.

Please help 🙂

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