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My expierence and MONEY I made!


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I would like to share my experence on fiverr throughout 2 years. This information might be helpful for

a new sellers since I might share some tips. So, let’s begin, I created a 79 orders and became $1428

richer since joining fiverr. In a first year I made a little bit over $1000. That was my first job at

that time where I earned money, I was so excited and happy at the time :). Partly because I was doing

what I loved and partly because of money. Also, it wasn’t boring since you will be getting different

projects always. I remember when I created my first gig I got my first 3 orders after couple weeks or

so, my excitement level went through the roof 🙂 and then I started to apply to buyer request and I

don’t know why, but I was winning pretty much every single request. Since that I had that much work

that I could barely finish. But I tried and was never late to any order. The trick was that sometimes

when you can not cope with the work anymore, you can change the gig duration to longer. I tried to

promote my gig as much as I could, was posting my gigs on pinterest, facebook, fiverr forum also made 3

or 4 videos during that time. Despite the fact that I was promoting just petty much for idea of

promotion since I am more like an Art guy not a Marketer :). Also I tried several promotion gigs here

on fiverr, but I cannot prove that it made a difference, what I know that it gave clicks for my page.

Since my first year fiverr changed a lot. Actually I can not tell what changed so much that orders not

flowing like at the beginning. These days I am getting very few orders. I don’t know maybe I am not

following the changes fast enough to keep up with orders or the people asking for different services

now. I am making that statement that people are asking for a different services since any tag I try on

my gigs related to art didn’t get that many views like before, maybe getting only like 5 percent of

first year views. Looks like that videos and voice overs are most popular rigth now. I would like to

hear someone sharing their experences, how they are running as fast as fiverr runs and how to stay

competitive since I am not very much into voice overs or video making, I would like to continue with my

art 🙂

Thank you all!

Also to all new sellers, KEEP TRYING I believe you YOU CAN make money and do what you love on fiverr :)!

Best Regards,

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