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Graphic Designer for Print Magazine Needed


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That is what I am wondering too. How quickly do you need this job done? Are you paying a decent amount? How many pages is the magazine and do you need someone ongoing? I am wondering how many issues you made with the other buyer that they cannot do it anymore.

The thing is, if you are thinking that you need someone ongoing for a long time, that may or may not work. NOt all sellers want steady work like that. They want steady sales, but being committed to a magazine is different as that is ongoing same thing. I am sure there are plenty of designers here that would be interested.

I would suggest creating a “buyer request.” Be sure to include exactly what you need: how many pages is the magazine, what size, is it for digital only or does it need to be for print? And include the budget of what you expect to pay or have paid for it before. It also helps to describe the general contents, is this a sports magazine? business? x-rated porn? Give sellers an idea.

But then always contact sellers before you hire them.

GOod luck to you.

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