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Hi everybody,

I was thinking about something like this:

  1. We could collaborate between us to invest in the promotion of our gigs without really spending ( I was thinking about something like I need a service from you and I can pay you by providing a service from me for your needs) thus helping each other out like real Fiverr colleagues.
  2. The collaboration could work out to a win-win situation if we, Fiverr sellers get together and find out which gigs are compatible (or make a new gigs) so we could mix them up and then send the clients from one to another (maybe you dont have the time/dont know how to do something and a friend of yours on Fiverr knows, why not send the buyer to your friend so that he can help him and afterwards the client can come back so you can honor your gig(based on the gig from your friend) or vice versa.

    Sorry if I didnt make myself 100% clear but its 1:00 AM here. Haha

    Hope you like my ideas.

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Nobody interested in the idea of collaborating within Fiverr ?

You can offer something new for your gigs and create a win-win situation in the same time. I think that this community will be even more successful if we collaborate:).

For example:

You create an iOS or android app and the client wants it in another language then english.

You can charge up to 20 bucks for example (for the same app in another language) and spend only 5-10 to pay your collaborator to translate what you need.

So you win both ways:

  1. you offer more services so that your business grows
  2. you win some bucks just from intermediating.

    I think this would help newbies grow and Top-Selers develop more complex businesses.

    Just my 2 cents.
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I had the same idea, but you have to find the right sellers to work with. You don’t want your buyer to order your gig extra, then you find out your team mate has decided to no longer offer it. Also, you would have to always have cleared funds in order to order from the other seller. And, what if the buyer cancels, or theirs some type of Paypal chargeback for fraud (or something similar)? Someone would lose money. These are just possible scenarios. If you find someone, he or she has your same work ethnics and determination. Also, you might want to have a back up seller in case something happens with your main one. 🙂

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I think that communication and honesty are the keys here. As for losing money, that risk is present in any business. If you don`t lose money, than you might end up working on a gig and not receiving any payment (sort of similar).

I , for example am open for a collaboration if somebody is up for it. 🙂

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