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Seller Levels and Service Type!

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I have been using Fiverr.com for about an year now, I love it. I am aLevel 1 Seller. However criteria defined by Fiverr to achieve 2nd Level is “50 sales in 2 consecutive months”.

As Fiverr is for individuals and I am a WordPress Developer. Even with 10+/day productive work, I don’t think so I could ever achieve this status. I can’t complete fully working website in 1.2(or approximately 1 site/day. LOL).

So, I would suggest that Fiverr should change the criteria and should consider the aspect of “Service Type” as well.

It works perfectly fine for “Voice over”, “small promo Videos with same templates”, “Logo Designing” but it’s doesn’t seem to be working fine for Programming/Website Development type of Services.


P.S: I know this could be offensive for few fellows, I apologize.

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