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Just delievered 25 videos! ~ Yay


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Man are we knackered now. It’s so great though when you have a big queue and then you just clear it completely.

We are just about to go traveling again up to Miami and we thought it would be a good idea to spend a large chunk of the day just filming videos. We make a to do list then put then put all the scripts into a marquee scroller and get to work.

Take 4 of the first video and things are not going well. Ended up taking us ages to get all this work done but finally it is finished!! Horahh oh wait now we have to edit them all and upload them with messages to all of the customers.

Oh and some of the customer have order 3 gigs instead of one, making our jobs 3 times harder. Haha great!

Well at least we have the forums 🙂

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