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Please put seller name on manage orders page


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I buy a lot of gigs and run into trouble keeping good sellers busy because I have to click in to every pending order to see who the seller is. I don’t want to have more than one gig going at once with each so if I just order I will have multiple gigs going which can make it hard for them. On the other hand, I don’t want to wait to clear the list out either but have found that sometimes the only way to manage orders is let them all be delivered without placing more. If their name (even truncated) was on that manage orders > active orders page it would make things really easy - It would mean more gigs for sellers.

Also, if the manage orders > active orders list could be sorted by ‘due on’ that would make knowing what orders to expect to be delivered easier also. I would be able to tell if my deliveries would be slow and try to order more to fill in any gap.

Hey, while I’m at it, there is no choice for not leaving feedback and moving an order from awaiting my review to completed. I have a few sellers that delivered as promised and on time but I don’t want to give them feedback because they didn’t have much talent for what they were offering. If ‘do not leave feedback for this seller’ or ‘mark completed without leaving feedback’ was an option, perhaps that would clear up the awaiting my review section. This one is pretty minimal compared to the others.

In the end, if you’re building out new features, I would recommend a dashboard page where you can rate favorite sellers and gigs, leave comments for yourself, and see a list of pending orders with the top sellers you select to rotate through. In essence, I want to be able to form a list of 10 or so best sellers (that do consistent work for me) and give them a rating and comment so I instantly recognize them on the list. Then I can make sure to keep them busy at all times with constant orders pending. Right now, it’s manual on a spreadsheet and I’m losing the ability to keep up with my favorite sellers (only ones that have delivered to me, not possible sellers). Once the gig is done, they fall off into oblivion so I need some way to remind myself to order from the sellers I rate highest.

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