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How do I put a proper gig title for 2D and 3D designing?


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My former gig was ‘I will make complex 2D and 3D designs.’ with the default ‘for 5$’. But because of that buyers were posting jobs for 3D for 5$ which is a 20$ job. Now I have changed my gig to ‘I will make complex 2D designs for 5$’ and added the 3D as an extra, but I want to declare it in the title that I can make 3D too, so is there any smart way to hit these two birds with a single stone?



ajits733 : I will design complex 2d cad drawings for $5 on www.fiverr.com

For only $5, ajits733 will design complex 2d cad drawings. | I can provide you 3D models and AutoCAD drawings whether its mechanical or architectural designs. The models will be done with accordance of the buyer. | On Fiverr.com

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