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Buyer has been incorrectly charged


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One of my buyers submitted an order for $30 over 3 days ago, but my account is still saying that they buyer is waiting to confirm the order, so basically it hasn’t been processed. We canceled the order and yet the $30 hasn’t been refunded to her and we haven’t had any feedback from customer services about this glitch which is costing her a lot of additional money. This is a buyer that I’ve been working with for several months and this is the first time I have every had this problem with any order so I really want to resolve this quickly incase she decides to stop using the site. Has anyone else had this happen to them? And what did you manage to do about it?


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Normally, as long as you did the Mutual Cancellation on your end, even if the buyer does nothing, it will automatically cancel in 3 days.

If it is saying that they are “Waiting to confirm the order” That means that they never submitted the order requirements after they purchased. (Or the system still thinks so, read below)

All that being said, many of us have experienced strange delays by the Fiverr system in the last few days, in actually making order updates and messages get from buyers <-> sellers. Like I mentioned in another thread, I personally had a message show up a full day later in my inbox with a timestamp from the day before.

You might be experiencing this system "glitch"
I’d open a ticket. But they seem to be even slower than usual in responding to tickets this week; If I was a betting man, I’d say they’re getting lots of tickets on this. I’d still put one in, though.

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