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It's my first day on here, so I'm looking for advice and to meet some fiverr community members!


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What’s good! My name is Francis O’Connell, I’m from southern PA but am primarily living in Baltimore.

Since I can remember, so like 8yrs old, I have wanted to be a tattoo artist that was successful and internationally known. I have been consumed and driven by art longer than I’ve wanted to tattoo. So I did what I was told and applied to art school to take the safe route and get my degree. Well that didn’t work out too well seeing as I went to the best art school I applied to and my dream school, MICA, and it cost me more than I would ever like to admit.

So after two years of school I realised I need to take a break from this, start my tattoo career, become financially stable and then go back for my degree. That was this past spring that I took a leave of absence and unfortunately stumbled into huge financial troubles, troubles that I’m currently hustling to fix. Then just last night my girlfriend showed my Fiverr, I read some articles and testimonials and was sold. I made a profile put up some gigs and here I am now, waiting for some business!

I’m excited to make some money to supply my tattoo career and my everyday life and also to dig myself out of this hole. I’m especially excited that I can do this while sharpening my skills and doing something I love!

Any tips or ideas to help me improve my profile and improve my sales would be much welcomed!

I’m looking to become a level 1 by the end of my first month and make at least $100 by then as well.

I want to kickstart my gigs from jump so if you could check out my page and give me some feedback that’d be awesome!

Feel free to check out my page and buy some gigs!

I provide tattoo designs and other custom drawings, and hey if you want something special and are willing to negotiate price, request a custom order and I’ll do my best!


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Guest hanashivoice

Welcome to Fiverr!

Be sure to promote your gig through social media if you haven’t already. Also, check out the Buyer Requests section; that’s a great way to find customers!

I personally don’t think you need a separate gig to accept tips; some buyers will tip you anyway if they really like your work. However, once you hit Level 1 you’ll be able to add more extras and ‘Accept a tip’ can be one of them if you’d like.

It’s good to have a revision policy in place. Me, I offer 1 free revision with subsequent revisions costing an additional $5 each (unless I make a boo-boo). I offer up to 3 revisions. That’s just me though; your policy works fine, too!

With time, patience and professionalism, you’ll get plenty of sales and buyers will be leaving you positive ratings all over the place! You’ll probably run into some not-so-pleasant buyers, but that’s all part of the job. Just remember to be polite and professional no matter what. Good luck to you! 🙂

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