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Why very few new buyer requests?


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Hi, when I started working on fiverr I got around 6 - 10 buyer requests. When I created more gigs, the number of buyer requests increased to 1000. Every thing was fine, more then 20 buyer requests were updated every day. When I paused 1 of my gig. Buyer requests decreased to 10. I added a new gig. Now there are 800 to 900 buyer requests. But very few buyer requests are added every day (less than 7). Why is it like this? Most of my revenue was from buyer requests.

My field is Graphic Designing.

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That depends on a number of factors. For example, I got fewer buyer requests because I went on Vacation mode for a week and after that the requests were exceedingly sparse. But then as the time passed things got better.

It also depends on your conversion rates, and once they decrease it takes a long time to go up again.

Another factor is your response rate and average response time, orders completed and whether you always deliver on time.

And last but not the least, the market itself is an influential factor. Graphic designing is a very competitive area on Fiverr, so it might be that some external factors are the cause.

I’m sure it will improve. It’s just a phase. It has its ups and downs every now and then, but if your persist everything will fall into place.

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