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Mutual cancellation glitch or what?


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Since fiverr support is extremely unsupportive recently, I could use some help on this.

I got an extra fast delivery order and delivered first 5-6 iterations in time. But since there were a lot of modifications that stretched in time for weeks those 24 hours eventually ran out. It didn’t help that we did have some significant time difference, so the client would request the modification deep at night my local time, setting the timer off, and I’d be awake in 5 hours to see it ticking away all night.

So the order became late (not “!!!ridiculously late, the client will be able to cancel the order now!!!), but a few hours late.

I eventually informed the client that I’d be requesting a mutual cancellation for him to be refunded, because my availability would be limited this upcoming week and I wouldn’t be able to deliver some of their urgent edits (again, the edits took weeks). The client and his partners came up with a new visual concept, so it’d be natural for the new designer to take the job. It’s not like I’ve abandoned the order midway.

We worked together in the past and had quite a good partnership, so he agreed and I requested a cancellation on a pretty good note, actually.

Then I open my sales page and I still have this order in Active section (I didn’t yesterday and the day before when the cancellation request was made). I still have “abort cancellation” button on the top, a remark that the order will be cancelled in 9 hours unless the buyer declines, and the resolution center states I requested mutual cancellation.

But at the bottom of the page instead of my username there is the buyer’s username above my cancellation message. It is also said that it’s the buyer who requests cancellation, not me, and I have to “respond or the order will be cancelled automatically in 9 hours”. There are no buttons except the “abort cancellation” one at the top for me to “respond” to. I also got no cancellation notifications from fiverr.

So the question is: is that a fiverr’s glitch of the client’s username showing up instead of mine? Or does it mean that mutual cancellation is not possible with extra fast orders once they’re late and I’ll get slapped with that 1-star rating? Or maybe the client hit “cancel the order” button instead of accepting my cancellation request? Or I honestly have no idea.

I wrote to fiverr support a few hours back, but there’s no point in expecting the answer that soon.

Any ideas? Thanks. 🙂

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