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Buyer didn't submit gig requirements, didn't know what I was talking about


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Hey everyone,

I just got done with a longer than necessary order due to a buyer not submitting my gig’s requirements. I require the buyer to submit an image for me to reference when drawing a portrait. When this particular buyer ordered the gig, they submitted the pic directly to me instead of through the gig requirements submission. I spent probably a day and half trying to explain to the buyer that they had to submit their image through the automatic response that the gig sends after ordering. They didn’t understand and I believe they thought I was lying about this process as they stated “this wasn’t part of the agreement, I’ve never had to do this with any other artist on here”.

After more explaining about the gig requirement policy, they FINALLY submitted the image via the appropriate message to get the order officially started. By this time I had already completed their order because I had their image early on. I just couldn’t deliver it to them due to them not submitting it officially through the gig requirement. When I stated that they finally did the process correctly and delivered their image apologizing for the issue, they didn’t respond, they simply accepted the order and left a review. The review wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t 5 stars like every other review I’ve received thus far and I can’t help but think that they left the review based on this whole gig requirements dilemma.

My question to experienced sellers is have you come across issues like this and is it better to cut these types of customers off early on instead of attempting to stick with them and explain something as simple as submitting a gig requirement? I spent nearly a day and half trying to convince the buyer I wasn’t making up the gig requirements submission and trying to explain to them that they have to find that notification/message on their end. It was a lot of wasted time and now my rating is probably effected by something that isn’t my fault.

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Hi, I’m sorry you had to go through this, and yes, I have had similar experiences before.
A seller kept messaging me through the inbox and not the order box. In the end the seller understood
and all went well after that, but it is quite frustrating.
In your case, it might have been better if you asked for a mutual cancellation especially if you had to
spend a whole day explaining.

Another thing you can try doing is ( and I’ve done it myself too) take a screen shot of the order page,
use photoshop and circle the message box area and type/write in “please respond using THIS
message box” in red letters, along with the screen shot of the ticking countdown clock and explain the
clock does not start moving until the information is submitted.
Just in case this happens to you again in the future, you might want to save the
clock screenshot. It worked for me! 😃

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Reply to @zeus777: Yeah it was definitely frustrating. However, I did reach out to the buyer. They truly were under the assumption that the gig requirement incident was my fault. But I tried my best to explain that gig requirements are common and that it was their responsibility to submit. This didn’t go so well neither, but after some back and forth I finally got the buyer to change their rating/review.

But for the future, I think I will avoid these scenarios. Thanks again for the tips!

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Guest hanashivoice

I too had an experience like this one. I explained to the buyer several times that the order doesn’t officially start until they fill in the requirements and even explained to them a few times how to do it. They couldn’t figure it out. I had other clients to attend to and didn’t have the time (or patience) to explain it again so I cancelled the order.

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