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Orders not started even when the buyer submitted the required materials


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Orders not started even when the buyer submitted the required materials. Anybody having the same issues? I have two orders today with the same issue?

I already submitted a ticket with CS just wondering if other sellers are having same problem and how quick it was sorted out. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

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After 6 days the orders were activated. CS helped in one order. In another order, the buyer told me he had to go to the website and activate the order. I’m not sure what the issue was, I think the buyers used an app to order.

Orders placed using the website (browser) are automatically started by either a message or attachment from the buyer, except this time it did not.

If you are having the same issue you have to contact CS, be patient though, it will require some waiting. I suggest you contact and inform the buyer to avoid them getting frustrated by the waiting time, as this could potentially lead to unfavorable rating/review on your side as a seller. I was transparent with the buyer regarding this issue from the start.

Honestly, I was ready to give up on those orders. It took a lot of time communicating back and forth between me/buyers, me/CS. in a way very inefficient and wasted a lot of productivity time. I’m glad I can proceed with the orders today.

Thank you for your comments.

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