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Give reliable and reputable members minor responsibility?

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This is an odd suggestion that I do not think has been covered however I may well have missed it while scanning the forums.

It is one of those suggestions that I both think could work but at the same time doubt it in some respects. But hey, if we don’t throw our ideas into the open world then something brilliant may be missed!

So I have been thinking about this after the massive rise in support tickets that customer service are clearly getting, and the resulting waits that people are having to endure to get their answers. The idea is, as the title says, to give some reputable members a bit more responsibility around here, and let them help answering tickets. Now I know this would not work for each and every ticket because a lot of them will be based on Fiverr’s server side stuff, e.g Paypal problems, website glitches, etc etc. But I mean more for the tickets that could easily be answered by a knowledgeable community member. We can see here on the forums that a lot of people ask questions that are answered within hours by various members of the forums; and it can be guaranteed that more people just send these questions to Customer Service rather than coming to the forums instead.

So if the Customer Service team could quickly identify tickets that could receive a reasonable answer from a community member, then they would assign it to them and leave it to that person to help the user out.

As I said I do doubt this in some respects, mainly due to the following points

  • Still takes time to identify what tickets can be answered by other members
  • System would need setting up to make assignments of tickets
  • Fiverr would have to seek out reputable and reliable members that WANT to help out
  • Some users will not accept a community members answer
  • Basics would still need to be taught to the helpers, so there is a clear understanding that they can provide answers

    and I could probably think of a few more niggly bits.

    So yeah, just an idea but I could almost guarantee that there are some community members here that do enough helping out in the forum to be reliable enough to answer a few tickets a day. These people of course know who they are. It’s just an idea to help unclog Customer Service of the tickets that they really should not have to deal with because they could simply be answered by community members.

    Fiverr is much more than just a business place, it’s a great community with a lot of people willing to help each other, and this should be taken advantage of.

    Of course provide your points and opinions!
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