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How about sales for animators?


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The new Fiverr beta pricing applies to many animation sellers. Many are also finding it difficult to sell when their base price is above $5. Even though buyers are often willing to spend more, something about seeing a base price of 10, 25, 50 or 100 seems to put them off. I’ve noticed a number of sellers in the animation category who have only one gig priced higher than $5 but they have zero in queue. I’ve seen one person with nothing but $50 and $100 gigs who used to have quite a few sales in that category and after they changed their prices, did great for a few weeks. That seller now also has zero in queue.

I’m not saying that’s definitely the reason you have problems, but I see you do have a gig with a base price at $10, so it makes me wonder after reading the other posts.

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