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Very low sales lately


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Hello sellers,

I’m writing this post in hopes that maybe someone can help me out a little.

Joined Fiverr a few moths back and had a great number of orders, within the first month I had successfully completed 50.

Recently I have been having very low orders, 0 new for the past week and a half.

I’ve added a movie to one of them and tweaked the keywords and description, I’m also sending 10 offers every day but still nothing changed.

Ever since I’ve reached level 2 my sales started getting lower and lower.

All my reviews are impeccable, I always deliver on time but as I went trough level 1 and 2 I’ve been getting less sales.

Did anyone else have a similar experience or can shed some light on the problem?

Thank you,


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Your gigs seem to be about the same thing, a professional and minimalistic/modern logo.

You need variety, and think about keywords since that’s what buyers are searching. It’s the reason I have a headline gig and a headline gig for Teespring, they’re not the same.

If you’re having very low sales, try Buyer Requests, and maybe create some gigs that have nothing to do with designing logos. Remember, don’t put all our eggs in one basket.

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