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$300 within 2 weeks of posting my first gig!


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I am a freelance graphic designer based in India. Before joining Fiverr, I already had around 2 years of experience of providing branding solutions to various organisations from around the world. Most of my clients included startups looking for a logo unique to their brand, or established organisations looking to re-brand.

I was aware of Fiverr but had never thought of providing my design services on the platform, as I felt my designs were worth more than the $5 I would earn for my creative work. Moreover, I felt this category was already over saturated with designers with more than 10000 reviews!

It so happened that I decided to purchase an online promotion gig for my freelance profile from a Top Rated Seller, here on Fiverr. I was confident in my abilities as a designer and had proved my mettle in the past by winning more than a dozen top logo contests, but unfortunately freelance work was scarce, and I got only a couple of design offers in a month. These were well paid offers but I wanted to increase my sales.

It is an understatement if I say that the Top Rated Fiverr Seller turned out to be an angel. He suggested that I should post my gig on Fiverr as the platform has more potential than meets the eye. He also volunteered to kick start my Logo Design gig by ordering for some graphic design work he needed done. He also helped me optimize my gig (Title, description and tags) to maximize impressions and views.

From there I just watched with awe as the orders started pouring in. I was grateful for each order I received and tried to deliver the best I possibly could. Each order was like a small victory in itself. The avg selling price was $20 and I even received an order for $120!

So far Fiverr is doing wonders for me. I aim to get my Top Rated Seller tag as soon as I can!

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