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Fragglesrock Scammer / Fraud


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Fragglesrock seller is a scammer and committing fraud. I purchased 500 likes for my facebook page. He delivered the order yet my likes have only increased by 60 this week. I can verify most of where those came from as they came from my national radio program. Still if I gave him credit for the 60, it is far short of the 500 he sold me. To make matters worse He tries to trick the buyer with a screen shot in supposed proof of the work. A valid screenshot proof would be a before and after screen shot. I have a screenshot of the facebook page stats showing that only 60 came in this week. This is beyond a dispute - this is straight fraud and sellers like this should be banned from Fiverr. He has denied the cancellation - supplied fraudulent documentation and says that I must have done something wrong with a long list of possible reasons. It is clear he never intended to supply the service. This is the bad seller https://wwwFragglesrock

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