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Where I can complain if I think one seller is a criminal?


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In August I buy here 30 PVA Gmail.

I received them, all (one is bad) like is ok.

Now in October, all these Gmail have change password and it’s not me who do that.

So I think the seller sell Gmail to people, let them use them from a little time and after that

they reset these Gmail to take personal information buyer write in this Gmail.

So I don’t want my money back. I just want to say to other to not buy PVA Gmail to this criminal person.

Where I can do that (if I can)?



Like I see on the Internet concerning hack Gmail:

It is therefore recommended that you make a note of Google account creation date at a safe place but where you do get this information from? One option is that you open your Gmail mailbox, switch to All messages and note the timestamp of the welcome message from Gmail.

And of course this criminal person remove these files on all the Gmail is sell. So he can change password later and sell these Gmail to other idiot like me.

If you want his name send me a message and I give you. He is here again. I see his “link”.

Real criminal / hacker. I’m sure he stole personal information concerning people.

Easy for him since he remove creation account file. What Google ask when you Gmail is hack.

#(@@ Hacker of S**t!

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Reply to @saturday9fever:

saturday9fever said: What is legal or not have no importance
If you believe that, it goes for buyer AND seller. If what is legal or not has no importance, then it doesn't matter to you if the seller is a criminal. Otherwise, though, as others stated you can report it to Customer Support. You can't give out the seller name in the Fiverr forums. If you want to talk about the seller by name, do that wherever you please away from any public Fiverr page.

You can discuss it here without the name, but the thread is more of a conversation than a tip so I’ll move the thread for you to Conversations. Customer Support may be able to help you although it is harder to get refunds when a purchase is older than 14 days.

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Reply to @kjblynx:
Here this guy:

Like you can see he is there again hacking people.
And fiverr.com block the customer (buyer) account but not this thief.

This bandit and filth and scammer and scoundrel and thief do the following:
1- He says: I will provide 35 High quality PVAs Gmail account created with unique IP for $5 " (and of course all that is just lie)
2- He received the money and normally customer are happy so they say it’s good guy.

3-One or two month later (or just days) this guy hacks the account he sells. And customer can’t come back leaving message because they need to buy to post feedback (really bright from fiverr.com). Like that customer can’t change what he says even if a seller stole them.

How he does that?
Simple. He doesn’t give all information to his Gmail account to customer.

And like you maybe know we can change things concerning Gmail account.

We just need specific information that Google robot ask to recover the Gmail account.

The problem is customer don’t have all. Like when (date) the account was created.

But this bandit has all this information’s so he can all time recover all Gmail he “sell”.

And it’s not all. Since many people put personal information in Gmail account (like credit card) this guy stole all that.
This guy is a criminal period.
And not sure how honest fiverr.com is a honest site.

Probably they will remove this message and banned me.
But this criminal will continue his criminal activity with fiverr.com at his side.

I do not know if fiverr.com is colluding with scammers and other criminals people, but there are many on this site and unfortunately there does not seem to have a policy to ban them. On the contrary it will block users who dare to complain.
Beautiful philosophy (of bandits)!

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