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3 September first order:) - now have 100 reviews


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Hi Guys:)

I started working with this account on 3 September 2015. I have received my first order on that date and now reached 100 reviews with 100% positive.

My advice:

  • try to do your best
  • use Buyer Requests if you do not have order (i have made a lot of clients from that zone and got nice clients)
  • if you have very few orders when somebody contact you give them the lowest price possible. After you get good reviews you automatically get more impressions. I have seen a 300% increase in my stats and this shows in the contacts and orders received daily. But all of this after i already did more orders.
  • try to respond as fast as possible.

    Thanks for your support and best wishes to all:)
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You gig has fake reviews written all over it. Half of the reviews is from a moniker that is very similar to yours. Plus you only have 3 favorite on your main gig…how can a gig with over 56 reviews get just 3 favorite while some my gigs with no sales or review yet has over 10 favorites.

It seems you are trying to cheat the system…I hope fiverr looks into this

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