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I am a High Volume Buyer and Need Assistance Placing My Order


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Hello Everyone !! I really like Fiverr. Great place, great concept, needs a few tweaks though.

I am a volume buyer, and have had issues placing an order. I sent a customer service ticket three hours ago. However, I was hoping, all I need is, for my account to not be tagged as possible fraud anymore. I sent in an order a few days ago, but it was cancelled and I wasn’t sent a refund, so I went to my Paypal account and cancelled the transaction. Later when my seller and I figured out the problem, I went to paypal and rescinded the cancellation. Long story short, the cancellation went through anyway, and that was AFTER my seller had provided their work. So, I am trying very hard to send in another order, so that my seller can get paid and we can get our work done. Ideas anyone ? Like Fiverr - very much. Thank you

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