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How does cancelling a request affect a seller?


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I placed an order for a logo gig, and left a long message describing what I was looking to receive from the seller. After about eight hours, I sent him a message to a. see if he received the request and b. if he had any questions. About twelve hours later, I get an message from him saying, he didn’t have any questions, knew what I wanted and will deliver the logo soon.

After I went to bed, woke up andwent to work and to my lunch break, I still didn’t get any follow up. What I did get was a message saying that my order was late and I could cancel it. (which, seeing that there was a ten dollar one day gig boost, I thought about it) but I didn’t. until just now because I had a few people messaging me for an opportunity to do the gig. I don’t know any of these people, but I still choose by what seems to be fair. So, after it was basically two days into my order and I got nothing, I decided to cancel my order and try someone else.

I don’t want to cause anyone trouble, so I’m hoping cancelling doesn’t affect their rating too much. How does it affect the ratign? How does it affect mine? And, while I am comfortable that I alloted enough time before cancelling the order…should I have tried another approach?

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