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Dishonest Buyer I need advice from Fiverr staff


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A buyer just bought a logo from another buyer, he canceled the order, got a refund but wanted me to use the logo from the previous buyer, when I asked him if that was the logo he said “yes”. I have chat proof. I didnt use the logo because of that dishonesty.

I spent roughly 2 hours setting up his new website the way he wanted it to. Then he just came up randomly and said “My website has problems, I will go to joomla, you did problems on my website” It was a brand new site I set up. There were no issues. He wants a refund. I told him I would report him to fiverr for his dishonesty. He said he would report me also. What should I do? What do i get for my wasted time?? He just randomly deleted everything from the server.

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