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Unfortunately my sales has been reduced to 0, is there any reason


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One reason for zero sales may be that you are selling illegal unlicensed animations from VIDEOHIVE.

The Christmas Robots animation you sell on Fiverr was created by the artist Vectorica and licensed through VIDEOHIVE.

The one client, one time use extended license is $84. By selling it on Fiverr for $5 that would mean you are taking a $79 loss on each sale if you were doing this legally.

Last year I got most of these Christmas Robot animation gigs taken down when I reported them to VIDEOHIVE and they took action with Fiverr. I guess I will just start early this year.

Hopefully ENVATO the parent company of VIDEOHIVE will do what AMAZON did this week and sue Fiverr Sellers who are illegally selling their products.

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