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Plz cheak my gig link below that it is in right path or not


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Ok, I looked at your profile and your gigs, you have a few issues. So here is just some sincere feedback.

First you have many mistakes in your English and your profile write up had many mistakes too. People will not hire you to do their resume or something that involves writing. At first I thought maybe you were doing only the design of the resume, but then you say how you will make sure it is free of errors, which I don’t think can really be done since you have so many errors in you writing on your gigs to begin with.

I’d stick to the more graphic design gigs if I were you. But here are a few other problems. All of your photos on all the gigs seem blurry and a bit pixelated. And on your eBook covers the images seem stretched out like it is the wrong size. If you are going to advertise doing any graphics you need to make sure your images appear to be technically correct, very clear, the right resolution and everything. If someone is hiring you to do graphics work you need to show that you can do good technical work in addition to actual design too. .

Why on your powerpoint presentation don’t you have a video of a real powerpoint that you created?

And then on your book covers, you have a website written on top of the images which you are not allowed to share direct personal websites on Fiverr like that. Plus that website doesn’t actually work anyway, so it looks like maybe you are stealing those photos and that is not your real work.

So I think mabye the resume gig may not be the way to go, but all the others are good, you just need better photos and real samples for each gig.

Oh and we put the dollar sign before the number in US dollars $5 not 5$.

Good luck to you.

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Reply to @cricketer123: You don’t get your images from a site. You make your own images. If you are making an image for graphic design gigs, use your design skills to make a gig image that is all yours.

For a PowerPoint gig, make a beautiful slide and size it so that your gig image is a picture of a slide you made. Then make a whole short presentation, save it as .mp4 and use it for that pig’s video. For gigs that are not graphic design or image related you could hire another Fiverr seller to make an image, but it’s best to show your work.

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Reply to @cricketer123: Just for your awareness, some cultures do not use the word “dear” for professional conversation. Where I live, only an elderly person or family would call me dear. I am both a buyer and seller. If a seller calls me sir or dear in our PM conversation, the chances of me buying are reduced by half. You are still free to use any words you wish, but it’s good to know about the cultural difference.

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Reply to @cricketer123: I am not going to go through the whole gig, there are too many mistakes but I will give you some examples…

First of all you do not know how to use punctuation or proper spacing before or after a comma or period.

So your title right now is:
I will design professional CV,resume cover latter for $5

You need a space after the comma and before the world resume, and the word “latter” is spelled wrong, it is spelled “letter”. What person is going to buy a resume gig where you have spelling mistakes in your title!

Another example this line you say:

If you are finding a job or just looking to get a professional and poweful resume design then i am here…

The word “finding” is this sentence is wrong. If you are “finding a job” that means you already found it, you should be using the word “searching for”

Also, the “i” all through your gig should always be a capital I not a lowercase i. And to be honest there is just so much wrong with your English here, that most English speaking people are probably not going to buy it. I found other misspellings too. I am sorry to say that, you seem nice, but the graphics are a better way to go. I mean you can leave the gig up there but it might not get many sales, that is why I am suggesting that you focus on your graphic design type of gigs, where your English writing is not so important.

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cricketer123 said: from which sites i choose and get images for my gigs

I’m sorry, but you asking a question like this sounds like you will be having a lot of problems.

Why would you need to look for images (that’s not yours) if you are a

graphic designer? I’m sure you would want to show people your own work that best represents you.

Also like sincere18 said, the grammar in your description being accurate is very important.

You should hire someone to edit it for you.

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