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Three tips to become successful seller


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Don’t go in rush, offer those services in which you have expertise, buyers only appreciate the perfect work and give five star without asking to do so. To work perfectly keep those point in mind:

-Read Buyer Mind Carefully

Before agreeing to term and conditions, listen carefully what your buyer require, in order to satisfy him and rank your self high you must work accordingly what the customer demands. Remember your buyer is always right. He is going to pay when he is getting satisfied with the work because customer satisfaction is your success.

-Be Focus

Your attention is very much important as far as you are not paid attention to your buyer you will definitely loose your customer and work.

-Read Contents Carefully

Read the requisites carefully, if you have some query ask again in submissive way. If you do so then you are definitely win the confidence of your customer and work according to his demand.

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owaissiddiqui33 said: Remember your buyer is always right

No!. I’ve had buyers that are wrong.

  1. They get more than what they pay for and still demand more
  2. They ask for revisions but aren’t specific
  3. They communicate OUTSIDE THE ORDER in the message section, which drives me crazy
  4. They don’t use the “modify” button
  5. They ask for changes AFTER the order has been marked as complete
  6. They give you wrong instructions
  7. They change their minds
  8. They show zero gratitude for our hard work, they don’t even offer us more money or a 5-star review
  9. They give you 3-stars AFTER getting a modification

Suffice to say, there are good buyers, bad buyers, and EVIL BUYERS.

By the way, I’m amazed at how many sexy blonde girls live in Pakistan. How did that happen? Are we doing a refugee-exchange program with Europe?

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: You have an amazing eye for detail. Not only is this one a sexy blonde girl, but she can write tips on being a seller even before there are sales! She can change hair color from blonde to red in an instant for the perfect blurred-effect gig photo. And, even though from Pakistan, she is a “professional content write.” Shocking.

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