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! Site duplicated Order number twice for same order ! So I'm penalised by losing my earnt $'s?


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I delivered a full completed order and gave a Bonus Gig for no extra.

Fiverr’s site duplicated the same order number twice charging the client double, I was asked by the client what they should do? I searched the site for a way they could resolve this as I only delivered to one order but it appeared as delivered on both DUH because they both have the same number, only to told in an email today that I should cease work as a complaint was made, what they failed to state was the client and I agreed the duplicate order number is an obvious site glitch so WHY should I be penalised in losing my earned money??

The client was thrilled I gave her order to her the same day and was also happy of the bonus and in a private message where I gave her the site buyers help link said the order was perfect to her satisfaction! Now because I helped her instead of Fiverr mediating this I have been refused contact with her.

I was gobsmacked to discover in the email sent from Fiverr today, it reads if this is resolved, the client will be offered a chance to reorder the Gig (yeah sure they will, they’ve already got it!) what Fiverr don’t realise is that the Gig is a reading and these are things that aren’t like a movie or something you can just amend it is audio I provide of things that come through psychically, there wasn’t an issue with the order only the fact the client paid twice for the one Gig!

So instead of the site realising the Order numbers are identical ( which is neither mine or the clients fault but a site glitch ) I’m asked not to work, thus meaning all my time given was for nothing but a freebie! In addition I tried to reach the buyer only to be informed in big highlighted print on top of the page

"For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly."

Another person on here who does audio mixing for commercials suggested also that the clients should not be allowed to download until they approve the Gig, so on this suggestion also I agree that to safeguard the seller that the client first should be allowed to view or listen to the Gig first then, if they are happy and click a satisfied button, then a link to download become visibly active. This would demonstrate buyer satisfaction and manage any cancellations raised after receiving an order for those that try to get freebies.

Sorry but this has really upset me. 😦

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