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Am I eligible for a Top Rated Seller Badge yet?


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I have been a member on Fiverr for 4 months now and I’ve already received a Level 2 badge. I’ve received almost 80 sales and over $1,200 in Revenue. I haven’t received Negative feedback. I also receive on average 2 or 3 sales a day, sometimes more.

Am I close to being Eligible for a Top Rated Seller Badge? Here’s my Fiverr account, so you can see if I fit the correct category for a Top Rated Seller.

Moderator Note: Link Removed. One tip if you wish to become a TRS - read the forum Do’s and Dont’s before posting.

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I know a Top Rated Seller who does new age gigs like you, but she has far more than 80 sales. You’re barely getting started. It took me 1-2 years to become TRS. By the time I got promoted, I was getting 3-10 sales everyday, I also had a featured gig.

Besides, some of your gigs are very dubious, this is an example:

"I will absorb all your sins and make sure you get into HEAVEN for $5 "

Really? It is one thing to cast love spells, hypnotize people, meditate, but you aren’t God. You don’t have the ability to absorb or forgive sins. Even people into new age know this. Maybe that’s why that gig has gotten no sales.

Either way, be patient. What matters is not whether you’re level 1, 2, or TRS, but how many sales and how much money you’re making.

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