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Why my message not displyed plz help me


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Did you send messages to people, asking for help, or orders, or an offer that nobody asked for?
If so, that’s why you were reported as spam.
I’m sorry, but you have been posting many messages here asking for help, so I’m
assuming you’ve sent similar messages/offer to people? ( sorry if I’m wrong)

You need to know that Customer support is very busy, it will take 2 or 3 days ( maybe longer)
for them to reply. While you are waiting, I suggest you to take the time and modify your gigs.

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If you send messages to people who have not contacted you first, that might be considered spam. If you send out many mesages like that, that is definitely considered spam.

Send a note to customer support and let them know you are new and are not sure what you did and can they please tell you so that you can fix it and not do it anymore.

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